Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The paid companion, Amanda Quick

I found this beauty in the crime section in the Waterstones on Piccadilly and because I am a sucker for historical novels - okay, read, Liz is a sucker for any book that piques her interest - and loved the idea of an English nobleman deciding to procure his fiance through an agency that supplies paid companions to the elderly ladies...

Of course, things go "wrong" and he discovers that the young lady he has chosen is full of sass, is clever, and has strong morals and is also, accidently, quite lovely and is hailed as an original by the High Society circles they mingle in. The reason for his new "fiance" is a simple one - she is to be a distraction whilst he sorts out new business investments...and you can immediately tell that this is a lie, right!? Right! He is in fact after the murderer of his uncle and his companion / fiance turns out to be quite capable of helping him out.

A fantastically fun book - the characters are genuine and you really like Eleanora who is funny, witty and is not at all a wallflower.

I really enjoyed this book and have subsequently discovered that there are other novels written by this author.

Oh, happy days!

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