Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nightlife, Rob Thurman

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have lunch with wordweaver and we chatted away for ages over remnants of pizza and juice at a Pizza Express just off Museum Street in London. I had the afternoon off - I know, I am the luckiest girl! - and after we hugged one another goodbye I set off to visit Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue to have a "look around" - my intention was to keep my cards firmly in my pocket and not to succumb to temptation.


Well, I failed. I came away with two books for hubby, and an armload for me. One of which was Nightlife by Rob Thurman. I was a bit tentative, thinking it was going to be a bit rubbish, but for a fiver, I could risk it.

And, once again, I was proven wrong. What a good read by the first time novelist Rob Thurman - - and a definite talent to watch out for.

The novel surrounds Cal - Caliban - and his brother Niko. They are on the run. From monsters, grendels, who are after Cal. You see, he is an interesting mixed breed of monster and human, the first ever hybrid to live and survive after a breeding...and they want him back...what for isn't clear at first. They had him, when he was younger, they snatched him away but he managed to escape and he came back to find his brother Niko waiting for him at that exact spot he disappeared. Niko turns out to be a blond Jet Li, scarier than Van Damme and meaner than Chuck Norris on a bad hair day. Together with Robin Goodfellow they face the grendels, they meet up with a loup garou, they shake down a bogart and fight a troll. A lot, a lot! happens in this book.

I suppose, it could almost be aimed at the young adult market but then...adults wouldn't read it and eventhough it is written from Cal's perspective, it isn't a childish book. It deals quite maturely with parents gone wrong - the mother is a drunk and drug addict - how family genuinely matters in times of need and how far you are prepared to go to protect those you love.

I genuinely hope Mr Thurman writes another one as he has created a paranormal culture world in New York City and he could easily set off another novel there.

I give the book....four book stars!

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Anonymous said...

Rob Thurman is a woman. And if you thought Nightlife was good, then get ready for part 2: Moonshine.