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CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Medal - Long List 2012

It's that time of year again.  The long list has been announced and as usual, I'm posting it here, thinking: I own to many of these books, I really must get round to reading them all.  And then I FAIL horribly. 


Almond, David My Name is Mina
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340997253

Barraclough, Lindsey Long Lankin
Publisher: Bodley Head ISBN: 9780370331966

 Bedford, Martin Flip
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406329896

Blackman, Malorie Boys Don't Cry
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385604796

Bowler, Tim Buried Thunder
Publisher: Oxford Children's Books ISBN: 9780192728388

Boyne, John Noah Barleywater Runs Away
Publisher:David Fickling ISBN:9780385618953

Brahmachari, Sita Artichoke Hearts
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780330517911

Bruton, Catherine We Can Be Heroes
Publisher: Egmont ISBN: 9781405256520

Collins, B.R Tyme's End
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9781408806470

Condie, Ally Matched
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141333052

Crossley-Holland, Kevin Bracelet of Bones
Publisher: Quercus ISBN:9781847249395

David, Keren Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781847801913

Deary, Terry Put Out The Light
Publisher: A & C Black ISBN: 9781408130544

Diterlizzi, Tony The Search for Wondla
Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781847389664

Dogar, Sharon Annexed
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781849392211

Doherty, Berlie Treason
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781849391214

Donnelly, Jennifer Revolution
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9781408801529

Downham, Jenny You Against Me
Publisher David Fickling ISBN: 9780385613507

Earle, Phil Being Billy
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141331355

 Eastham, Ruth The Memory Cage
Publisher: Scholastic ISBN: 9781407120522

Evans, Lissa Small Change for Stuart
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385618007

Fine, Anne The Devil Walks
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780857530646

Forward, Toby Dragonborn
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406320435

Gibbons, Alan An Act of Love
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842557822

Grant, Helen Wish Me Dead
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141337708

Halahmy, Miriam Hidden
Publisher: Meadowside ISBN:9781845395230

 Hardinge, Frances Twilight Robbery
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405055390

Hartnett, Sonia The Midnight Zoo
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406331493

Ibbotson, Eva One Dog and His Boy
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books ISBN: 9781407124230

Kennen, Ally Quarry
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books ISBN:9781407111070
LaFleur, Suzanne Eight Keys
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141336060

Lewis, Ali Everybody Jam
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781849392488

Lewis, Gill Sky Hawk
Publisher: Oxford Chldren's Books ISBN: 9780192756237

Mason, Simon Moon Pie
Publisher: David Fickling ISBN: 9780385618519

McCaughrean, Geraldine Pull out all the Stops
Publisher: Oxford Chldren's Books ISBN: 9780192789952

McKay, Hilary Caddy's World
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9781444900538

Mitchelhill, Barbara Run Rabbit Run
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9871849392495

Morpurgo, Michael Shadow
Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007339594

Mulligan, Andy Trash
Publisher: David Fickling ISBN: 9780385619011

Ness, Patrick A Monster Calls
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406311525

Peet, Mal Life : an Exploded Diagram
Publisher: Walker ISBN:9781844281008

Perera, Anna The Glass Collector
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141331157

Pitcher, Annabel My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781444001839

Priestley, Chris The Dead of Winter
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9781408800133

Rai, Bali Killing Honour
Publisher: Corgi Childrens ISBN: 9780552562119

Revis, Beth Across the Universe
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141333663

Rooney, Rachel The Language of Cat
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781847801678

Rosoff, Meg There is no Dog
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141327167

Saunders, Kate Magicalamity
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books ISBN:9781407108964

Sepetys, Ruta Between Shades of Gray
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141335889

Stephens, John The Emerald Atlas
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780857530189

Young, Moira Blood Red Road
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books ISBN: 9781407124254

The titles I've put in italics are books that both Sarah and I have - some we have reviewed - yay! - but most of them we haven't.

However - I know that the majority of these have been read and reviewed by fellow bloggers so I'm pretty sure if you google the reviews, you'll find them.  I think this makes a VERY strong Christmas shopping list for a hungry reader. There are superb titles on here - right through from fantasy to contemporary, crime, relationships, dystopia - the works.  What a super list.  I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with the shortlisting.

And now for the Kate Greenaway list!

Baker, Jeannie Mirror
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406309140

Birkett, Georgie (illustrator) Simmons, Anthea (author) Share!
Publisher: Andersen Press ISBN:9781849390095

Byrne, Richard Millicent and Meer
Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781847385796

Byrne, Richard This Book Belongs to Aye Aye
Publisher: Oxford Children's Books ISBN:9780192756190

Carlin, Laura (illustrator) Hughes, Ted (author) The Iron Man
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406324679

Cleminson, Katie Otto the Book Bear
Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9781780080031

Cobb, Rebecca (illustrator) Dunmore, Helen (author) The Islanders
Publisher: Mabecron Books ISBN: 9780956435026

Cobb, Rebecca Missing Mummy
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230749504

Collins, Ross (illustrator) MacRae, Tom (author) When I Woke up I was a Hippopotamus
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781849390736

Collins, Ross Doodleday
Publisher: Gullane ISBN: 9781862338166

Diemberger, Jana (illustrator) McCaughrean, Geraldine (author) Monacello: The Little Monk
Publisher: Phoenix Yard Books ISBN: 9781907912030

Elliott, Rebecca Zoo Girl
Publisher: Lion Hudson ISBN: 9780745962702

Field, Jim (illustrator) Bently, Peter (author) Cat's Ahoy!
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230714021

Foreman, Michael( illustrator) Jones, Terry (author) Animal Tales
Publisher: Pavillion ISBN: 9781843651635

Gibbs, Edward I Spy with my little eye
Publisher: Templar ISBN: 9781848771970

Gravett, Emily Wolf Won't Bite
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN:9780230704251

Grey, Mini Three By The Sea
Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9780224083621

Grey, Mini Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey
Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9780224083645

Haughton, Chris A Bit Lost
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406327465

Hodgkinson, Leigh Limelight Larry
Publisher: Orchard ISBN: 9781408301838

Hopgood, Tim Thank you for looking after our pets
Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN:9780857071149

Horacek, Petr Puffin Peter
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406324600

Hughes, Shirley The Christmas Eve Ghost
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406320633

Hughes, Shirley By Sun and Candlelight. Poetry and prose for all your days

Hyde, Catherine (illustrator) Pirotta, Saviour (author) Firebird
Publisher: Templar ISBN: 9781848771246

Jeffers, Oliver Up and Down
Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007263844

Judge, Chris Lonely Beast
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781849392556

Kay, Jim (illustrator) Ness, Patrick (author) A Monster Calls
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406311525

Layton, Neal (illustrator) Hegley, John (author) Stanley's Stick
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340988183

Lucas, David Lost in the Toy Museum
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406326574

Mackintosh, David Marshall Armstrong is new to our school
Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007361410

Matsuoka, Mei (illustrator) Bently, Peter (author) The Great Sheep Shenanigans
Publisher: Andersen Press ISBN:9781849392075

McIntyre, Sarah (illustrator) Cottringer, Anne (author) When Titus Took The Train
Publisher: Oxford Children's Books ISBN: 9780192729873

McKean, David (illustrator) Almond, David (author) Slog's Dad
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406322903

Monks, Lydia (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author) The Rhyming Rabbit
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230741034

Monks, Lydia Babbit
Publisher: Egmont ISBN: 9781405254229

Oxenbury, Helen (illustrator) Burningham, John (author) There's going to be a baby
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9780744549966

Raschka, Chris A Ball for Daisy
Publisher: Random House ISBN:9780375858611

Rayner, Catherine Iris and Isaac
Publisher: Little Tiger Press ISBN:9781848950924

Rayner, Catherine Solomon Crocodile
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230529229

Riddell, Chris Alienography
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405050609

Riddell, Chris Ottoline at Sea
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405050593

Roberts, David (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author) Jack and the Flumflum tree
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230710238

Ryan, Rob (illustrator) Duffy, Carol Anne (author) The Gift
Publisher: Barefoot Books ISBN: 9781846863547

Scheffler, Axel (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author) Zog
Publisher: Alison Green Books. ISBN: 9781407115566

Schwarz, Viviane (illustrator) Deacon, Alexis (author) A Place to Call Home
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406323023

Schwarz, Viviane There are no cats in this book
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406316896

Shireen, Nadia Good Little Wolf
Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9781780080017

Stower, Adam Silly Doggy
Publisher: Templar ISBN: 9781848775565

Usher, Sam Can you see Sassoon?
Publisher: Little Tiger Press ISBN: 9781848950870

Vere, Ed Bedtime for Monsters
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141502397

Waldron, Kevin (illustrator) Rosen, Michael (author) Tiny Little Fly
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406314557

White, Vicky (illustrator) Jenkins, Martin (author) Can we save the Tiger?
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406319095

Wormell, Chris Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice
Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN: 9780224083942

Yates, Louise Frank and Teddy Make Friends
Publisher: Jonathan Cape ISBN:9780224083690

Equally a fantastic list - I am sad thought that I only have 2 from here...however! It means I get to buy in loads, read them, and pass them onto the god-daughters for Christmas.  And erm, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

This is the official site, where you can read more about these two superb prizes. Happy reading, readerly creatures!

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