Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November is Short Story Month

With a nod to Gav of Gav Reads who did this first, MFB will be hosting Short Story Month this entire month of November.

The selection is varied and wild - from fairy tale reworkings, to science fiction, adult urban fantasy to YA travelling stories, and stories of zombies and unicorns, to stories of sheer fantasm, horror and bizarre tales of the weird, to stories taking us to the 41st millennium and back, we hope to bring you mini-reviews of individual short stories from a handful of anthologies the three of us own.

Liz and Mark's random selection of anthologies 

Sarah's choices for November's Short Story Month

We hope you enjoy November and Short Story Month with MFB. 


Clover said...

This looks like so much! I look forward to seeing reviews of these. Especially Zombies vs Unicorns.

Jenni (Juniper's Jungle) said...

Really looking forward to this month :)

AmieSalmon said...

Such a good selection, the Steampunk anthology looks brilliant! Been on my wish list for a while.

Book Angel Emma said...

I am loving the button - totally fab idea guys you ROCK