Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maneater, Thomas Emson

This has to be one of the most visually arresting books I've ever received to review. The beautiful illustration hides a deadly story. I was slightly taken aback by the tone of the book, which is very in your face, very "balls to the wall" and the author pulls no punches and does not pretend that the "maneater" Laura is anything but animilistic in her behaviour. There is no dollying it up. She is a werewolf. She's not a nice girl. If you get on the wrong side of her, you will get a claw in the face or your bits, your choice.

The author's attitude is genuinely refreshing. It is a very interesting book. Well thought out and planned. I closed the book on the last page and felt exhausted - it felt like I had been running and fighing with the characters as the story unfolded.

I enjoyed it because it was different. There are a lot of other werewolf books out there, but the characters sort of get excused for what they are, they hide and lurk in the darkness and they never ever eat humans. **spoiler** Humans do get eaten in Maneater.

It was refreshing to find a heroine who was tough and strong and uncompromising in her views. Her enemies were exactly that and they deserved to be taken out. She set out doing exactly that, using instinct and brute strength. A lot of very strong imagery is used - words like padded, grunted, growled and tear apart, help evoke images of wildness. It is not a comfortable read but it is a very good and interesting read.

I wish the author, Thomas Emson the best of luck with this. I spotted it as part of the 3 for 2 offers at Waterstones. That is very impressive in itself. I would really like to see what he produces next.

A definite four stars for this one.


Anonymous said...

i read this book recently after the blurb on the back and hte image on the front caught my attention.

**some small spoilers** the story was, well, ok in my opinion. interesting idea with the female and the strong revenge theme. but she DID care about humanity etc, when the massacre in trafalgar square happened she killed the others so the children could escape and so on.

The writer overall appeared to be writing for a mid to old teenage audience - not an adult audience. There wasn't the level of subtly and detail expected from an adult author for an adult book.

the level of "horror" (I bought it from the horror section in waterstones) is minor for what i expected from a horror book. none of the killing from the werewolves was very graphic, the author left it with "and she ate him" type ends to chapters.

Anonymous said...

i really loved this brings out all the right and wrong emotions at the same time.its action pack with warewonvel and by the description of laura,she hooooot!!.i couldnt let go of the book until i finished reading it. it was sooo much interesting to read...