Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Undomestic Goddess, Sophie Kinsella

I picked this up from a colleague at work on Friday afternoon, started reading it on the train on the way home, later the day and finished it this morning after homework was completed.

It is an exceedingly funny book, the character, Sam, is real enough and you can sympathise with her, her situation, but you can see the ending a mile off.

High flying young lawyer, about to be made youngest partner in a large law firm in London...she gets the hibbie jibbies when she discovers a piece of paper on her desk which she had to do something crucial with...this leads to all sorts of complications, ending with her walking out on her job, her life, getting on the train and ending up in the back of beyond where she somehow manages to get hired as a chef and housekeeper for two very sweet people who are a bit tacky, having come into a lot of money through business dealings. Comedic confusion ensues as Sam has no idea how to cook, clean or iron or even she is stuck and some of the situations are hilarious, laugh out loud funny. She however meets the gardener, Nathanial who is devastatingly handsome and she gets naughty thoughts about him...well, need I say more?

I can very easily see this be turned into a rom-com movie starring someone like Kate Hudson, Clive Owen and Matthew Mcwhatisface, he of the bongo drums fame.

A fantastic book to sit back with, to forget the mundane and be swept away with other people's lives. Enjoyable and easily read. If only all of us could walk out of our day jobs, into the countryside and not only not have to worry about money or any bills, but to find our dream jobs...sighs and goes off to check her lottery ticket.

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