About MFB

Welcome to My Favourite Books - a place where we talk about books, writing, reading and various things related to publishing. Here we have the chance to interview authors and showcase some events we get invited to attend. Occasionally there will be a some book cover love and even some shelf-love.

On MFB we have:

Liz - creator and instigator of the site who by day works as an executive assistant in the West End of London. She reads, writes and reviews and twitters. She also loves cooking and cookbooks are a weakness. Her tastes in reading material vary from picture books to YA to crime and fantasy novels for adults. She also has a penchant for literary fiction, but don't hold that against her.  Moleksines are her favourite journals.  Find her online as @LizUK on Twitter.

Mark - husband to Liz and gentleman banker in the City of London by day, but a demon when it comes to creating his own narratives. Mark is an avid gamer (online and RPG) who has a penchant for archery, fencing and medieval sword. Mark is also a great cook and likes playing with fire in the Summer. Mark's reading is as eclectic as his taste in music - he enjoys fantasy, crime, science fiction (and is a Black Library devotee) and historical novels. He also has a soft spot for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Mark believes that whisky is a cure-all for any ailment. Find Mark on Twitter as @Gergaroth.

Sarah - mild mannered library assistant by day, fast-fingered Sarah is MFB's YA guru in her spare time. As an aspiring YA writer, Sarah has made it her goal to read every single YA book in existence and she loves the challenge. She knows more about vamps, witches and weres than your local priest.  An ex rock-music reporter, Sarah has crazy hair, a gorgeous dog and a very devoted if forgiving husband. Sarah too is a great cook and is currently going through a Japanese food phase.  Find Sarah online as @esssjay on Twitter.

Together they are MFB.

Please note that due to overcrowding on our bookshelves we do not accept self-published books to review.