Saturday, June 20, 2009

David Gemmell Legend Award

Mark and I had the great pleasure of helping out at last night's David Gemmell Legend Awards. It was an amazing evening and it was lovely seeing fans, publishers, authors, agents and the press turn out for the inaugural event.

The winner of the overall prize was Andrzej Sapkowski - author Blood of Elves. Personally I've not read it - yet - but I am sure I will get around to it!

Below are some snaps we took whilst at the event, helping out and fangeeking.

Mark takes possession of the five baby Snaga's which Gillian Redfearn from Gollancz brought to the event for the five shortlisted authors.

Oh so very pretty - baby Snaga on display.

Danie Ware from Forbidden Planet, left, Samantha Smith commissioning editor at Orbit UK, David Devereux author and owner of a good pair of legs, Anna Grigson publicity assistant at Orbit UK.

The incredibly talented James Barclay delivering Druss' speech to the audience with the grace and style of a trained actor and orator. No one moved or said a word for the five minutes he spoke. It was simply amazing!

Jo Fletcher, a personal hero of mine, accepting the award on behalf of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Mark gets a chance to heft Snaga - the original as created by the boys at The Raven Armouries. More enthusiastic people I have to come across. Listening to them talk about making these items gave me goosebumps. They are incredibly passionate and they genuinely conveyed the magic that goes into making these amazing items.

Snaga at rest.

I love this pictue of Danie which Mark took. Danie is a tall girl, quite slender and on first inspection you wouldn't quite class her a rabid weaponaholic, but she is. Just look at that serene expression on her face - it's as if she's come home. I love it.
Ah yes, then there is me, hefting Snaga. Just one thing: LARPERS - seriously think about it next time you say: my Barbarian fights with two axes because SHE is that hard. Gah, you try handling this amazing thing with one hand. Beautiful and heavy and just out of this world. No wonder weaponsmiths held as much status as some kings in the days of old. Pure ancient primitive magic.

The final photo of the evening. Joe Abercrombie, one of the shortlisted authors gets a chance to heft Snaga. Witness the slightly unhinged expression in his eye. It's a look that says: if I leg it now, I may not be able to get far, but I will be able to hurt someone badly if they try and take it from me.

The evening sped by at a tremendous pace. I think everyone had a lovely evening. I know we did. Until the next Award in 2010.


Mark said...

Take a careful look at Snaga's blade in the pic of Joe Abercrombie hefting it.. clearly the guys at Raven did an exceptional job!

Suzanne McLeod said...

So sorry I missed it, and seeing everyone. It looks like you had lots of fun; Snagas Rock!! And the new hairdo looks fab :-)

Sweet Book Delights said...

Looks like you had a brilliant time (I might have to check your license to party as it looks like you're getting out more than me lol!!)
Bless up,
Chilli xx

Adele said...

Cool. Looks like a brilliant time.

Liz said...

It was a lovely evening! A genuinely cool venue too - with loads of gadgets and "stuff" to look at.

@Suzanne - thanks for the comp on the hair - she thinned it so much. I swear I now WALK faster for it.

@Sweet Book Delights - have just left a message for you at your site. How come we've never met!? Make sure you get in touch!

@Hagelrat - you guys need to come down to these events! Must meet face to face and such.

Neil Ford said...

Everyone looked fab, even Mr Devereux in his "frock" :)

The really scary thing about seeing Danie with the axe, is knowing that she has the skill and expertise to wield it efficiently.

Thanks for the report. Much appreciated by someone who wasn't there.

- Neil.

Mihai A. said...

Thank you for the photos. It seems that was a beautiful evening and you had a great time.
I am glad that Sapkowski won. It was difficult for me to vote, but I give mine to Sapkowski. I like his works and I would love to read more of them :)

David Devereux said...

Yes, Neil, my little black dress seemed to go down quite well. And thank you for the compliment, Liz!