Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sacrifice by SJ Bolton

I have to say one thing about this novel: it is gripping! Thanks to a lovely young lady at Transworld I got a bookproof to read through in advance of the book being published. And I am really pleased that I had. I will be buying copies to give to friends to read, it is that compelling and utterly un-put-downable.

Set in the mysterious and far-away Shetlands the story follows the discovery of a body in the peat by a young woman - what follows is a detective, forensic thriller along with some anthropological bits thrown in, an ancient legend to boot - it has all the makings of a best seller and I cannot wait for the book to go "live" to see it on the best sellers lists.

The author's worked hard on this novel, by all accounts, and it shows. It's polished and an accomplished thriller. Definitely five out or five for this one.

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