Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Decision

I have decided, besides all the studying that I will be doing next year to complete the first part of my Diploma in Surveying Practice, I am about to set a challenge to myself. One that will have FG groan in his soul and the people at Waterstones and Amazon giggle and clap with glee.

I will be listing down every single book I am reading - be they reviewed on here or not - for the year 2008. I would like to see exactly how many books I go through. Even if they are books for studying.

It will be an interesting exercise and one I am keen on fulfilling.

I will be using this site to keep a track of them - and have in fact already set up an extra bit of space for it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
Yep plan to do the same myself as I really should keep an eye on how IM doing with all these things. Likewise it would be handy to have some as reference material if I ever needed them.

Good on ya.

Liz said...


Should be...interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, although I might just get bits of paper in one of those tax office file things. LOL

Purely to make sure that I can get the lot in there.