Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blood is the new Black,Valerie Stivers

If you've read The Devil Wear's Prada, or seen the movie adaptation thereof, or watched Mean Girls and loved Buffy, then you'll like this. It is a good, fun and a quick read. For something that was brainstormed in a few hours and then given to Valerie Stivers to write, it is a fun romp through the unusual world of the world of magazine-life, through the eyes of the main character.
She very soon discovers that the people who run the magazine are all vampires and that they can move around during the day, can cope with sunlight, and that they all ove "product."
Yes, you can only be a vampire if you are tall, skinny, pretty and enjoy shopping. This is the people they choose to "turn." The more you shop, the Tasty-er you are. It is a ridiculous spin on the old vampire stories. I am pleased I did not pay full-price for this, as it certainly isn't worth the £6.99 it is retailing for.
Think carefully, when buying this. It is cashing in on the new chick/horror/supernatural lit genre that is happening...and it is a sad imitation of all of these individual genres.
3 out of 5.

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