Thursday, May 22, 2008

**Lilith Saintcrow Competition**

I am thrilled to announce a new competition which will run for two weeks (or earlier if I get a full volley of emails sooner) to go hand-in-hand with the release of the new Lilith Saintcrow Jill Kismet series of books to come to the UK.

Thanks to the lovely people at Orbit, we have five copies of Night Shift to give away.

And because I can, I've put together a crossword puzzle using Lili's previous set of very successful books here in the UK - the Dante Valentine series.

See the puzzle below, along with the questions. Email me the answers to the questions, alongside the correct corresponding number and we are in business.

Same rules as before!

UK Residents Only

No multiple entries as a severe butt-kicking will be implemented!

Send me the answers, with the corresponding numbers - even if you don't get all of them, let me have your answers via email! You never know...

Email me on the address set out on the right with the answers, your name and snail mail (postal) address. Please mark the subject field JILL KISMET COMPETITION.



1. Name of the Character in Lili’s newest book series to be released in the UK.
2. Other name for “vampire” used in Dante’s world
4. Type of stone in Dante’s Tattoo (same colour as the Devil's eyes)
5. Dante’s female friend, also a Necromance
7. Most common name for a psion (see glossary in Lili’s books)
9. What is Dante doing the first Time the Devil comes calling?
10. Where Dante grew up (2 words)
14. Egyptian god of the dead


3. Santino’s demonic name
6. Dante’s demonic lover
8. Demonic endearment which Japh uses for Dante
11. Egyptian name for the soul
12. Necromance nickname, not complimentary
13. Dante’s job
15. Dante’s ex-lover’s name


May said...

It's quite depressing.

I moderate at Lili's board and I don't have all the answers at the top of my head.

PS Email coming soon, probably tomorrow after I get drunk tonight.

Liz said...

Will be glad to get it - on either of them, the email that is...not the drunkenness.

Am at home tomorrow - Friday. Will be logged in from around three, if I get everything done that I need to get done in the morning. Catch you later?

Ailsa said...
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