Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Angry Robot Poetry Competition Winner

Drumroll please!

Out of 21 absolutely rocking entries, the winner of the Angry Robot competition is:

Books of horror, books of style
A genre implodes
An army then grows
And somewhere hidden, a robot will smile

A huge congratulations to danielleeloko78 - we hope you thoroughly enjoy your winnings.

I'd like to do an honourable mention here to two others which both Mark and I felt were so, so good.

Mike Jung gave us:

Automaton so furious, irascible machine
o praise be to your tales of wonder, glorious, sublime
prophets of phantasmagorica, of things unseen
Choleric artificial beast, beloved of all time

Dawn Welsh sent in:

An angel of death once told me
that before I die I would hear a winter song
a slight book of secrets
before sixty one nails went into my coffin

1 comment:

Dannie said...

Yay! I thought it would be announced on the official website, but this is awesome!