Friday, November 06, 2009

The CILIP Carnegie Nominations - 2010

This looks like such an exciting list! Maybe we institute a Carnegie Reading List and Review for the long list...hmmm...

Having re-read the long list, there are quite a few on here which we have already read and reviewed. I will link to those reviews from home later this weekend and highlight the books on here I have at home which I've not had a chance to read and then promptly read and review them!

Agard, John The Young Inferno
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781845077693

Allen-Gray, Alison Lifegame
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192728432

Almond, David Jackdaw Summer
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340881989

Anderson, Laurie Halse Chains
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747598077

Anderson, R J Knife
Publisher: Orchard ISBN: 9781408303122

Ashley, Bernard Solitaire
Publisher: Usborne ISBN: 9780746081372

Bowler, Tim Bloodchild
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192719805

Brennan, Sarah Rees The Demon's Lexicon
Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781847382894

Brooks, Kevin Killing God
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141319124

Burgess, Melvin Nicholas Dane
Publisher: Andersen Press ISBN: 9781842701812

Caldecott, Elen How Kirsty Jenkins stole the elephant
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747599197

Cassidy, Anne The Dead House
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340932285

Chancellor, Henry The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn: The Museum's Secret
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192720832

Christopher, Lucy Stolen

Publisher: Chicken House ISBN: 9781906427139

Creech, Sharon Hate That Cat
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747595298

Crossley-Holland, Kevin Waterslain Angels
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842556917

Dogar, Sharon Falling
Publisher: Chicken House ISBN: 9781905294695

Donaldson, Julia Running on the cracks
Publisher: Egmont ISBN: 9781405222334

Dowd, Siobhan Solace of the Road
Publisher: David Fickling ISBN: 9780385609715

Dowswell, Paul Auslander
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747589099

Finn, Daniel Two Good Thieves
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230737761

Fisk, Pauline Flying for Frankie
Publisher: Faber ISBN: 9780571236190

Forman, Gayle If I Stay
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385616201

Gaiman, Neil The Graveyard Book
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747569015

Golding, Julia Wolf Cry
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192727619

Grant, Helen The Vanishing of Katharina Linden
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141325736

Hardinge, Frances Gullstruck Island
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9781405055383

Hearn, Julie Rowan the Strange
Publisher: OUP ISBN: 9780192792150

Higgins, F E The Eyeball Collector
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230532281

Hoffman, Mary Troubadour
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747592518

Kennen, Ally Bedlam
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books ISBN: 9781407103853

LaFleur, Suzanne Love, Aubrey
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141326870

Laird, Elizabeth The Witching Hour
Publisher: Macmillan ISBN: 9780230736795

Manning, Mick & Granstrom, Brita Tail-End Charlie
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781845076511

Muchamore, Robert Brigands M.C.
Publisher: Hodder ISBN: 9780340989036

Ness, Patrick The Ask and the Answer
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406310269

Newbery, Linda The Sandfather
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842555484

Patterson, James Max
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385614528

Peet, Mal Exposure
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406306491

Perera, Anna Guantanamo Boy
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141326078

Philip, Gillian Crossing the Line
Publisher: Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780747599937

Pratchett, Terry Nation
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385613705

Rai, Bali City of Ghosts
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385611695

Reeve, Philip Fever Crumb
Publisher: Scholastic ISBN: 9781407102429

Riordan, James The Sniper
Publisher: Frances Lincoln ISBN: 9781845078850

Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141382944

Sedgwick, Marcus The Kiss of Death
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842551851

Sedgwick, Marcus Revolver
Publisher: Orion ISBN: 9781842551868

Strangolov, Lazlo Feather and Bone
Publisher: Walker ISBN: 9781406316605

Stroud, Jonathan Heroes of the Valley
Publisher: Doubleday ISBN: 9780385614016

Valentine, Jenny The Ant Colony
Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007283590

Ward, Rachel Numbers
Publisher: Chicken House ISBN: 9781905294930

Whitley, David The Midnight Charter
Publisher: Puffin ISBN: 9780141323718

Wilson, Leslie Saving Rafael
Publisher: Andersen ISBN: 9781842709184

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Ailsa said...

Ooh, great list! We do the shadowing thing for the short list each year in the school library - it will be really strange for me next easter not to be starting on them with my friends. I'll try and get hold of the shortlist ones for myself, though, because I always find some great books that I wouldn't otherwise have read.