Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Bits #3 - The Demon's Watch by Conrad Mason

Now, ages ago (a few months, in other words) the lovely Cat Clarke and Non from Catnip warned me about this young upstart called Conrad Mason who has "written a book you will utterly love Liz".

It's called: The Demon's Watch <-- I can hear the capital letters and the dramatic tum tum music, can't you?

Needless to say, I was intrigued. Then, the proof arrived and it looked fabulous and I put it on my bookshelf to get to nearer release date (March, btw). Today, whilst wasting my time on Twitter, I saw David Fickling Books tweet a trailer to The Demon's Watch. And it looks fantastic - also, the music is great.

This is the write-up:

'We're the Demon's Watch, son. Protectors of Port Fayt. Scourge of all sea scum. Don't tell me you've never heard of us?'

Half-goblin boy Joseph Grubb lives in Fayt, a bustling trading port where elves, trolls, fairies and humans live side by side. Fed up of working at the Legless Mermaid tavern, Grubb dreams of escape - until a whirlwind encounter with a smuggler plunges him into Fayt's criminal underworld. There he meets the Demon's Watch and learns of their mission to save the port from a mysterious and deadly threat. Can Grubb and his new allies uncover the dark plot in time, or will they end up as fish food in Harry's Shark Pit?

And this is the cover:

And this is Conrad's home on the web and do follow him on Twitter as @conradwrites.


Unknown said...

Thanks. I rather fancy this one! Must take a look. x

Jenni said...

This sounds so good! I'll be adding it to my wishlist.

Unknown said...

Putting that one on the library wish-list - THANK YOU