Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gone fishin'...

Yep, folks - Mark and I are off to the wilds of Pembrokeshire to fish, sleep, read, write, visit pubs, walk for many miles along the coastal route with Sparrowmutt in tow, stopping to drink loads of beer and coffee and indulge in the numerous gastro pubs in the locale.

This is for a week only - so don't stray too far! I've taken a large wedge of books to read, as has Mark - he's currently wrapped up in Peter V Brett's Painted Man and has got some Simon R Green books to read, as well as a new Warhammer tome.

I should have a stack of reviews to write when I come back - I have a modern day spy/terrorist story to report on, Shannon Hale's newest children's novel (pure luxury for me to read), an excellent sounding new novel from Walker Books called The Ghost's Child and a fun-sounding book called The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz.

All in all a busy holiday, but I can't wait - neither can Mark. This is our first break since last year August and a lot has happened in that time - some bad, some good and some truly excellent. So we need to take some time out to chill and catch up with outselves. It should have been Santorini...but sadly it fell through due to XL Travel going bust - we are hoping to get our money back from them, I've sent off the forms, so hold thumbs!

We'll catch y'all on the flipside.

MFB's gone fishin'...

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