Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hidden Gem

We are back from our holiday in Pembrokeshire, Wales. And we had a blast!

I reckon the Pembrokeshire coast is a hidden gem. Most people I know head to the West Country for their sand and surf. Not that I surf, in any shape or form, but we saw some insane people out there surfing, windsurfing and the other thing, no idea what you call it, but when they are basically windsurfing on the beach with a little board that looks like a skateboard. Regardless, it was pretty hard core to watch and appeared genuinely good fun.

We walked for miles and miles and ate beautiful food. Sparrow's managed to lose weight, whilst Mark and I managed to gain some. We took about 200 photos or more, Mark got the opportunity to actually fish and brought home some uhm...mackrel, I think...I ran a mile and refused to touch it, clean it or prepare it. Ech.

I got to read and laze about in the sunroom of our cottage. And I managed to do some writing, around five thousand words in one day...pretty impressive, eh? It was a good break but I am glad to be back purely for home-comforts such as our new couches, our big-ass tv, my fantastic oven and Coffee Republic just down the road.

I managed to pick up three new books whilst on holiday, ontop of the ones I took with me to read. I even spotted an American edition of Neil "the God" Gaiman's American Gods in a charity can just imagine the route it took to get there!

Hope you've all been well!


Karen Mahoney said...

Welcome home!!! :)

Skarrah said...

Welcome home Liz! Glad you had such a good time!

Liz said...

Why, thank you both! It is good to be back home.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Liz, glad to hear that you enjoyed your break. :-)