Monday, October 20, 2008

All apologies

...for not being very snappy and up to date with the olde blog of late.

Mark and I had a rush of holidays - a week and a bit away in Wales, and then a long weekend away in Bruges. And it was wonderful.

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities I've had the honour of visiting. And the bookshops are excellent! I found a few favourite authors there, translated into Dutch/Flemish, which I can read as I am an intelligent bookwyrm. I now regret not buying Karen Miller's Innocent Mage to re-read in Dutch. I've promised her a pic of the book, which I will post here too.

I am finishing off two other novels I've started this week along with my first grow'd up interview (over breakfast) with Allison Goodman who has had some awesome reviews in The Times and over at SFX magazine this past month. She's done a whirlwind tour of the UK and the States and is currently in Paris, living it up, being the glamour doll that she is.

I have to squeel - my proof copy of Drood by Dan Simmons arrived whilst I was in Bruges. Any idea the rustlings in the undergrowth about this book? After the two books I've got lined up, Drood will take pride of place to read, luxuriate in and review. It's been lined up to be turned into a movie by HM (His Majesty) G Del Toro...twitches nose. Where will he get the time?

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ediFanoB said...

Hi Liz,

it's always good to have some days off :-)

Drood by Dan Simmons ist on my list for 2009. I really look forward to read your review.