Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drops of Crimson

I was alerted by writerly friend, Karen Mahoney, WW (WonderWoman!) officianado and newly employed staff member of Murder One, that one of her short stories The Wolves of Westminster has been added to a new e-zine called Drops of Crimson.

Always keen to support new e-zines and writerly friends I popped over and was genuinely pleased by the look of the site: understated, classy and dripping in crimson. So never one not to send compliments, I emailed JL (editor and creator) and promised a bit of a blurb about the site on MFB.

So, head on over to Drops of Crimson which is an online magazine specializing in quality Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Gothic Fantasy, Steampunk, and Horror stories, non-fiction and artwork. Drops of Crimson will be published online every other month, and a once a year anthology will be available in hard copy for purchase.


Rachel Green said...


Coincidentally, I wrote a 15K novella 'The Werewolves of Westminster" that was published by Torquere press in 2006

Karen Mahoney said...

First of all, thanks for the shout out Liz! :)

Second, leatherdykeuk: that's really funny! See? Great minds think alike, and all that. *g*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention and the complements. Will be adding you to the link list when next I update the homepage.

I was very lucky to have great writers pitch in for the Premiere issue, and I'm crossing my fingers I score again for December.