Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday book a day giveaway

We've got a twofer one today - Patricia Briggs' Moon Called and Blood Bound. The covers are the American covers. I'm letting these go as I've got the UK covers and doubling up is a bit silly. Although, they are so very pretty.

The Rules:

Put Patricia Briggs in the subject title of the email and email us at myfavouritebooksatblogspot(@) . If you've won, we'll contact you back and ask you for your postal address.

UK entrants only.

Duplicate entries for the SAME DAY competition will be disqualified.

Entries with no subject line will be deleted/seen as spam.

The competition will run on till 1st January 2009. This means that even if you don't enter this on the day the competition is run, you have time to do so for the rest of the month, till 1st January 09.

You may enter more than one competition. You may not enter twice for the same one though. Hope this makes sense to everyone!

Find Patricia's site here - she has a very interesting article about silver bullets on there. I printed it off for myself a few weeks ago. I shudder to think what the people at my office think of me, printing off paperwork on how to make and cast silver bullets...hey, you just NEVER know, right?

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ediFanoB said...

Today I don't to send a link to my wife because I know Patricia Briggs is on her list.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and good luck to all participants.