Sunday, August 02, 2009

A shout-out for StoryBox Books

We were very flattered to receive some products from the very cool Bayard Books a few weeks ago.

I've not seen these before and was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of content of these small magazines. Packed full of information on everything from Judo to wolves, to giraffes, spelling, writing, colouring.

As far as I understand, these are in line with the national curriculum to support learning - which, to be honest, is all well and good, but it could verge on being boring. But these aren't which is what I loved - in the Discovery Box book which I got, there was a fascinating account about wolves in Europe. I loved it! It gives you enough information to want to research more about a subject.

These high quality books are published on a monthly basis - note I don't really call them magazines, as they are a little bit more than that. They have a number of guest authors and illustrators. By tapping into the creativity of a variety of contributors, children and their parents get the chance to be exposed to a large range of quality children's authors.

The books are broken up into 3 different age groups and they are set out below:

StoryBox Books – 3-6 -
AdventureBox Books – 6-9 -
DiscoveryBox Books – 9-12 -

I'll definitely be passing these onto my friends who have teeny folk in their lives. Although, I may very well keep the magazine with the wolves article for myself! I do have a soft spot for them!

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Anonymous said...

I buy these books for my children, and I couldn't agree you more! They're absolutely fantastic - I also doubled checked and they're certainly in line with the national curriculum, five stars from me! :)