Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Angry Robot Takes Over the World

No, seriously.

Every five minutes there's more news from these guys.

I'm not complaining, really! It does my heart good to see such enthusiasm by a bunch of nice guys for genre fiction.

For instance (because I love the sound of this one)

Angry Robot signs Aliette de Bodard

Campbell nominee Aliette de Bodard, who has impressed with her magnificent short stories over the last couple of years, has signed to Angry Robot for her debut novel Servant of the Underworld (published early 2010).

Her deal with Angry Robot follows an extremely fortuitous layover in Calgary, Canada, following the World Fantasy Convention last winter. Forced to spend an extra day at the airport, she fell in with a couple of cheery Brits, who mentioned they were setting up a new publishing imprint, and a new literary agency respectively.
After no little persuasion, Aliette revealed that she’d been working on her debut novel. A few months later, like the plot of a Hollywood movie, here we are – with the novels represented by new agency Zeno, and to be published by new imprint Angry Robot.

SERVANT OF THE UNDERWORLD is a wild mix of fantasy and crime novel, set in Aztec times.

In this alternate world, though, the gods are real and stalk the temples, demanding sacrifices from the people. Amidst the bloodletting, a serial killer appears to be getting away with murder – but how do you find a murderer in a world where the streets themselves are awash with blood?

Angry Robot publishing director Marc Gascoigne, who was there that day along with Zeno’s John Berlyne, said: “It was a bit cheeky of us to cajole her into pitching there and then, but I’m very glad she did. We’re always looking for interesting new books to publish, but that day it was like the ancient gods themselves had all conspired to bring us to that spot! These are wonderful books, full of wild fantasy and cunning detection, and I’m so proud and pleased we’ll be publishing them.”

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