Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Weekend - Part 2.1

All I can say is: if we ever have to move...I am hiring people to do the packing. All I can move right now are my arms. My back and legs have seized up from all the hefting and boxing. But, boy - what an amazing sense of accomplishment. We have packed 20 boxes and it totals up to 604 books. We have double that left on the shelves!

Now for that tour around the shelves that are done. The final bookshelf in the dining room and the three next door, in the lounge.


This is our completed full length bookcase in the dining room. A lot of my picture books on here and a lot of books for younger readers. Many of these are being reviewed this month, especially for Roald Dahl Day too!

This is Mark's bookshelf. Unfortunately we ran out of boxes and packing space, so sadly we had to double-stack all his Warhammer/Black Library books again. These however, when unpacked, take up the entire bookcase. They also look incredibly pretty. In fact, he has so many of Dan Abnett's books, I think that maybe we will have to rename it the Abnett Bookshelf.

Unfortunately, because of our very large (plush and scrummy) couches, there are some bookshelves I can actually get into with the camera so these piccies will have to do. We have put our Jim Butchers, Mike Careys and Neil Gaiman's on display. Mike and Neil G's books are all signed editions. Soon, all those Karen Miller books will also be signed as I am a big fan and she's in the UK in October. Oh, also some of our comics and graphic novels above. And Mark's Punisher collection. Geeky, much?

This also has some of my action / adventure books. The others are all hardbacks and packed away in a chest.

See the shelf with The Passage on it? That shelf is some of our signed editions. Due to Big Yellow Storage closing early today, we couldn't get back in time for more boxes so our other signed editions are double stacked over at Mark's Black Library bookcase. Woe!

And that's it. A work in progress. Once we get more boxes, more books will go into storage and we can tackle the bookshelves upstairs. That should be in two weekends time. Wish us luck.

Mark relaxing with Kick Ass GN after a long hard day of shelving and stacking.

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Mieneke van der Salm said...

More book yummyness...Am now seriously in awe!!