Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet Tina - Newest MFB Member

I first met Tina at the Murder One Book Club and was drawn to her quiet ways - sharp mind, dry wit, wicked sense of humour. Then the inimitable Kaz Mahoney revealed that Tina, like me, is an aspiring writer. Then we discovered that not only do we share the love of reading and writing, but that we lived quite close to one another too. Serendipity. But then Tina decided to leave me. And the UK. And reloate to Canada. I was devastated. But Tina pointed out that the world so small via email and Twitter, there is no need to feel like she's too far away. Tina used to work at Waterstones and did a lot of reviews for them in store and for their excellent magazine, Books Quarterly...and this made me think to invite her to join our tiny team. But, here's Tina in her own words - oh, I made her write this in third person as a proper bio - no better way to test your skill as a writer:

Tina just loves to read. From a very early age she was a nightmare for her mother to shop with, because she would invariably disappear only to be found in the book department, going through everything her little hands could reach. Nothing much has changed and you can see she has her priorities straight: when moving to Toronto, Canada, 8 out of the 12 boxes shipped, contained books and let’s not get started on the extra charge for the overweight luggage.

Tina is also an aspiring writer with a tendency to always end up in the future. No matter how hard she tries to write a historically accurate account, for some reason the heroine steps through a portal and has to fight off robots. She’s currently trying to whip her first book into shape and would love to give Nora Roberts a run for her money. She reads anything and everything but has to have a happy ending (and romance doesn’t hurt either).

Her favourite authors include J.D. Robb, Angela Knight, Nalini Sing, Patricia Briggs, Lora Leigh, Christine Feehan, Devon Monk, Michelle Sagara, (she had to be stopped here, otherwise the list would go on without end). She never goes anywhere without a book in her bag, and waits for that time when her favourite authors are able to produce a fantastic book every month.


Please welcome Tina to My Favourite Books blog. Mark and I are very excited to have her along for the ride. This means we are expanding our repertoire as Tina is not only a fast reader but she also likes a wide variety of books including romance and urban fantasy. Yes, this translates to us featuring romance, people! Something I know the blog lacks severely.


Ana said...

Welcome Tina! Can't wait to read your romance reviews!

: D

David Devereux said...

Welcome to the team, Tina!

Sarah said...

Hi Tina - can't wait to read your reviews.

TinaChristopher said...

Thanks for the welcome! I'm as excited as Liz (and maybe a little nervous) and look forward to sharing my books with you.

Neil Ford said...

Welcome Tina. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

- Neil.