Monday, December 28, 2009

MFB GoOdIe BaG wInNeRs

Firstly, peeps, so many apologies for being so very late with the announcement this time around. The Mac got itself tidied away upstairs for the festive period here at Casa MFB and we didn't bring it down until teh now! I've been suffering from withdrawal symptoms, I kid you not.

But, you genuinely don't care about my computer woes, you want to know who the winner is of the awesome Goodie Bag Super Deluxe, well, here you go:

Dillion - you've won - congratulations!

We're about to send you an email to let you know! Our friend Phil chose Dillion on Xmas day before they came through to our house for Xmas lunch.

Thanks to everyone who've entered - we are very pleased at the success and look forward to running even more comps in 2010.

As for the pictures of some of the items, here you go - a tiny sneak peek:

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