Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Bits #5 - 2012

I was recently contacted by Penguin about their new urban fantasy / paranormal romance imprint here in the UK, Berkeley UK. Needless to say, as a ladygeek I am over the moon to have more titles published here to suit my tastes. Here's a bit of info about Berkeley UK:

Berkley UK is Penguin’s new fiction imprint, specialising in publishing the best in urban fantasy and paranormal romance. The Berkley name has a history of publishing the highest quality commercial fiction in the US and, building on this reputation, Berkley UK will publish an exciting list of fantasy and supernatural fiction for the UK market. Officially launching with Magic in the Blood by Devon Monk in January 2012, Penguin is thrilled to be stepping into the exciting world of fantasy and science fiction.

I've just cast an eye over some of their other titles coming out this year and they are delicious!

A masive favourite of mine: Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros Series. I'm about to pass out from happy joy feelings. *flails* For anyone who loves the Supernatural TV show, be sure to read Rob's books. They pre-date Sam and Dean and are full of action, adventure, snark and are just plain fun. Also, the brothers Cal and Niko are possibly cooler than Sam and Dean. Although I'd like to see Castiel go toe to toe with one of the best tricksters ever written: Robin.


The Resurgum Series by Joan Frances Turner (Dust & Frail)
The fabulous Devon Monk and her Allie Beckstrom Series
Jason Starr's The Pack and The Craving
The super talented Meljean Brook's excellent Steampunk series Novels of the Iron Seas which include The Iron Duke, Heart of Steel and Riveted.

As you can tell, I'm ready to faint. I am so pleased that we are getting these authors officially over here in the UK. It feels like we've arrived!

Happy reading!

Edited: added 3 of the amazing Cal Leandros UK covers.  I have to buy these all over!

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