Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mummy Winner and Mummy Movie News

Congrats to Gareth - he's won the Mummy poster! Does a little dance - well done to you, G!

We've been to see the The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon King this morning. Okay, I swear, no spoilers here. So, read on: if you are after tremendous action, explosions, yetis, dragons, mummy's, sword fights, gun fights - in other words, a matinee movie, then this is it.

Don't look too closely to the storyline, as there are some problems, but the photography is really good, as are the set pieces. My biggest gripe - the fight scene between Michelle Yeoh's character and that of Jet Li's character - they did not have enough screen time at all - these are some of the world's biggest action stars who have tremendous fighting skills and they maybe have five minutes on screen, including their fight scene. I hope when the DVD comes out, that they decide to put in an enhanced fight scene, because eventhough the movie is good fun and will rake in the money, it lacks that something...

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much Brendan Fraser has buffed up - he is a big lad and he shed a lot of chubby weight and it shows...there was an obligatory bare chest scene, just for the girls and it is not too bad, at all. *ahem*

I can say a lot more, but I won't except: it is simply a summer blockbuster which entertains and thrills.

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