Friday, August 08, 2008

Snippets of News

Announcement from Sarah Singleton:
I am happy to say that The Amethyst Child has been long-listed for the Manchester Book Award 2009. There are 24 books on the list - the short-list will be announced in November.

Emma Bull’s response to being nominated in the World Fantasy Awards:
Reaction #1: SQUEEEEEEEE!

Reaction #2: But...what about all those other books that came out this year? Glowing, dazzling, brilliant books? How do you pick just five?The thought of the books that didn't make the list tempers my squee. But I'm still pleased and proud. And I'm pleased and proud that Will's Gospel of the Knife made the list, as well.

More World Fantasy Award News:
Special Award
Non-professional:Midori Snyder and Terri Windling for Endicott Studios Website – I sometimes wonder if these ladies realise the influence Endicott Studios exerts over its readers. I am absolutely thrilled for them.

Life Achievement Award are: Leo & Diane Dillon, and Patricia McKillip – again Patricia’s work is groundbreaking and she is an amazing person. So well done to all those nominated. This is a full list of everyone nominated.

Cassandra Clare has an official pic over at her LJ of three of her books together and they do look very pretty, indeed. I can’t wait to get started on the second instalment!

The guys and girls over at Bloody Books, the new imprint of Beautiful Books must be so vastly proud of Joseph D’Lacy who launched the imprint – he’s had a real genuine dinkum offer come through to make his novel, Meat, into a movie. I naturally belong to his Facebook group for Meat.

The book The Picture of Dorian Gray is being made into a movie. This is the snippet over at Empire Magazine.

Chris at The Book Swede is running a competition to win The Steel Remains by Richard Morgan over at his blog . He’s also done a very interesting interview with Richard on The Steel Remains as well as some general gabbing about writing and his other books.

Patrick over at Fantasy Booklist is running a ten book Solaris competition which is making me tremendously jealous in its coolness. You can find it here .
And! the best news of all, our favourite artist, the amazing Chris McGrath is doing a 2009 Dresden Files Calendar. The link is here.


Skarrah said...

All that cool news, and what sticks in my head and makes me squeal? Movie of Dorian Grey. *sigh* I'm such a fangirl.

Chris, The Book Swede said...

Wow! (Again, for the Dorian Gray!) That's awesome news!

And thanks for the links, and the other news! :)

Liz said...

I know, I know...Dorian Gray...yay!

As for the links - I was trying to wake up this morning after a heavy night of dreaming and not sleeping so I scoured the net and other resources for snippets. Glad y'all like'em.