Saturday, April 04, 2009

Back from Holiday

Hello everyone

Mark and I have returned from Malta, much rested, slightly tanned and wracked with guilt - neither of us got as much reading done as we would have liked. I finished one book by Michael Woods, on Alexander, and Mark swanned through reading Biohell by Andy Remic which he thoroughly enjoyed. Watch out for a review on that soon and I think we may have a signed copy of Biohell to give away too.

At the airport last night I started reading The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie and people, take my word for this, it is compulsively readable and grand and funny and simply good writing. I am hoping to get it finished early this week so that I can get into reading the second and third books in the series.

We did so much sight seeing - we hired a car and drove all over Malta and Gozo. The weather was not too bad either - in the late teens, early twenties for most of our time there. I mean, it was hot enough for me to come away with a bit of a tan. So I look quite healthy, as does Mark. He succumbed to buying a small travel fishing rod whilst we were there and took himself off to fish from some rocks outside our hotel. I took the time to read and doze. Okay, maybe doze more than read - our balcony overlooked Golden Bay and the room was lovely. We had a view of the sunset each night.

A few things about Malta: the secondary roads are attrocious, most Maltese residents have a deathwish and can give Jason Statham tips on driving like there is no tomorrow. The island residents are wonderfully kind and generous and their food is simply the best I've ever eaten. I would recommend people to visit the island but to beware of being targeted by reps/con artists who run bounding up to you with amazing offers at other hotels - especially when you look like a tourist. Mark and I eventually resorted to speaking Afrikaans to these people - as soon as they think you are British, you simply do not get left alone and they press pamphlets on you about where to buy cheap cigarettes, booze and wotnot. I felt quite badly for some of the elderly tourists we saw out there who got accosted by a whole pack of these people at the same time - it was not pleasant.

But, we had a lovely time - the week flew by and we got some amazing photos out of it. Now, I'm wondering where to go for our next small break!


H said...

That water looks gorgeous! I'm glad you had a good time.

Mihai A. said...

Pleasant memories here :)
I visited Malta in 2007 and I had a very good time there. There are many places to visit and things to do, but I absolutely loved the city of Mdina. Also I walked on some streets in Mdina where "Gladiator" was filmed, so one more happy memory :)