Monday, April 13, 2009

**Gemmell Award Short List**

People, it's here. I've been dying to post this since Saturday morning but ya'know, embargoes and threats of extreme violence stopped me. But it's official, as of yesterday - here is the list in alphabetical order:

Check out the main site for the official announcement. All I can say is, congratulations to everyone who made it - we have a strong representation here of authors who wrote in the spirit of David Gemmell's books.

To the others who didn't make it - Mark and I got to see a sneak peek in the way the listing panned out and let me say, it was a close run thing. Several authors (who have appeared on this blog) just didn't make it by a hair's breadth. I am glad that I was not the one looking after the listings, my nerves would have been raw.

So, now it's down to these five - make sure you vote for your favourites. I already have mine picked, Mark has his and I am happy to say, it is a house divided.

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