Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Three more reviews by me (The Liz) should be up over at www.sfrevu.com - under the UK books sections.

Books reviewed for them this month:

  • Divine by Mistake by PC Cast (Mira)
  • Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett (Orbit)
  • Savannah Grey by Cliff McNish (Orion)
Do pop along and read them. As usual my review for Mr. Shivers flies in the face of several other reviews...not entire sure why, but there you go! If you have a present to buy for a teen in the next few weeks, make sure to buy Savannah Grey by Cliff McNish. It's a very different novel, quite dark, but with a very memorable main character who evolves some interesting weapons of her own to save our butts from a vile bad guy. And then, if you're in the mood for something sexy, for older readers (read "adults") then you can do worse than picking up a copy of Divine by Mistake by PC Cast. Humorous and racy, this will be right up your street. An English teacher gets transported to another world and becomes the blessed of Epona, ancient Celtic warrior and horse goddess...it makes for interesting reading and it is good fun with laugh out loud sections.

I hope you enjoy these reviews I've done for "elsewhere".

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Celtic warriors and horse goddesses? I am soooo there!