Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye Under 14's Only - See you in 2012

July has been an amazing month on MFB.  We got the chance to review a great many great books, we twittered and facebooked about them, we showcased other bloggers, we spoke to librarians and random people about these titles, we handhold books in Foyles to unsuspecting customers and told them about Under 14's Only and we are so proud to have brought less-shouted about books to everyone's attention.

Shockingly, both Sarah and I have still got a truckload of books left over for review that we have not had the chance to get to.  Mark has a stack of reviews saved up as well.  We could easily have double-posted reviews but that defeats the purpose of showcasing a book / author a day, so what we've decided to do is continue reading these titles until they are done, all through August and reviewing them on the site on Saturday/Sunday as the month progresses.

I know in my original blogpost introducing Under 14's Only, I was going to give a box of the books away in a competition.  I lied.  Instead, I am packing all the books reviewed on the site in July, in a box and we are donating it to my friend, Matt Imrie's new library at the new school that's just employed him.  We were all super worried about Matt being made redundant at his local library so when he got this job, we all cheered very loudly.

This is one way for us, as readers and friends, to actually give back to a friend who has such passion for books and getting kids reading.

It is with sadness in our hearts that we say an official goodbye to Under 14's Only for 2011 but we are already planning ahead for July 2012, if the powers of the bloggerverse is with us.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this month - too many to mention - and thank you to my MFB Crew who are always so willing to follow me into insanity.  We'll be back next year with more reviews and interviews highlighting books for younger readers.

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