Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Important MFB News

Louis Vuiton Travel Book Case 

A couple of years ago, I really don’t think I would ever have thought I’d be writing a blogpost like this.  It’s taken me ages to get up the courage, with both Sarah and Mark holding my hands.  But it has to be done, for our own sanity:

As of 1st June 2012 My Favourite Books will no longer be accepting books for review. 

Between the three of us, we have books to keep us busy for several months, without buying in more titles or receiving them from publishers.  As many of you know, I’ve mentioned that Mark and I have storage space which we solely use for book storage.  This space is now full to capacity.  I slid the 57th box into storage yesterday.  When we locked the door, I cried because I knew I’d have to write this blog.

Our storage space - place for 1 more box.

This weekend past we received a postbag full of books and although it never gets old or boring receiving gorgeous books from existing authors, friends and début novels from soon to be friends, we realised that we’ve come to the point where we have to reconsider how we’re running MFB and how it’s gone from a hobby to a lifestyle choice.

We really would like to focus on books all three of us have had on our shelves for some time; books that we keep putting off to read because we keep getting new books in.  It’s gone a bit mad and I know so many bloggers have this problem – we buy books for ourselves but hardly ever read them, because we feel we have to read the books that come in from publishers first.  Not a bad thing, but when you love books and enjoy reading as much as we do...well, you sit with a backlog of around 3,000 unread books.  I wish I was exaggerating.

Continuing on into 2012, we’re hoping to bring you our usual mix of new (we have books dated for release August/September 2012) and older titles as per usual and to continue bringing you our eclectic choices – not just of kids and YA books but also more genre titles for adults too.

We’re hoping that by not accepting more books, we’ll free ourselves a bit to actually re-look what we’re reading and excavate those books that have been sitting on our shelves for the past...seven years or more, unread.

It’s going to be a fun exciting direction for us and we hope you decide to stick it out with us!

And in the meantime, whatever you do – never stop reading.

Liz, Mark & Sarah

PS:  From some of the comments received, it looks like people may think we're shutting down! This isn't so - we're just changing our direction, so there will still be plenty to read and probably more content, to be fair.  Gods, can you imagine us not talking about books? We may implode if we can't waffle forth about books we've read or spotted somewhere.  So no, MFB is still very much alive.  And rocking, to our own beat. 


Linda said...

A courageous decision - one that it must have been really hard to make. I love your blog (even though I pass over some of the more gory and warlike covers with my eyes shut) but I do understand why you're doing this. All the best, and many thanks!

Jenni said...

Brave post and brave decision, I know how hard making it must have been. I really hope for you all that you can now enjoy all of those wonderful books you have surrounding you that will finally get their chances to shine :D

Rachel Green said...

Your blog was a great daily read.

SisterSpooky said...

You're braver than I but I haven't quite received that amount of books. Not far but not yet. Looking forward to more reviews and good stuff on MFB

serendipity_viv said...

Liz, you are my inspiration! *hugs*

Alex said...

Never fear - we will still love your blog as much as ever! I hope you all enjoy this new direction and not think it a bad thing :)

Ailsa said...

I hope you enjoy catching up on the books that have been waiting :)
Looking forward to seeing how things go.


Jason said...

like to read your blog, from Aussie

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

I really love the variety of books you post about, and I'm sure that won't change at all with this new decision! Good luck and have fun with it :)