Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chris McGrath - Art of the Paranormal

I've long admired the very talented Chris McGrath's art - he's done the artwork for Vicki Petterssen's books, along with Rob Thurman's (yum Niko and Cal!) and of course, the covers for the Jim Butcher books, The Dresden Files.

He has also done the amazingly atmospheric covers for Kat Richardson's books and I'm lucky enough to have received some swagg in the form of a handful of post cards depicting Kat's newest book, Underground (available here in the UK in August 08).

Please contact me if you would like some posted onto you - don't forget to let me have the postal address! Our contact details are to the right.

This is the link to Chris's site. I think one of the reasons he's so successful as an illustrator is that he manages to keep everything in perspective. The men tote weapons and they look macho and very cool with the edginess of The Crow's noir world tucked around them. The girls are all pretty but in proportion. No gravity defying boobs or tottering high heels (which is a relief).

His art is deeply atmospheric and really helps put you there, in the vibe of the book. Which is what front covers are supposed to do, right? So, more than anything else, this is a pat on the back of one of our best artists in the spec fic genre out there. Chris, you are a legend!


Adele said...

ok, so I love all those authors and their cover art, although I have the other Dresden Files covers because that's what i started buying. Discovered Rob Thurman this week for the first time.

Liz said...

Isn't Rob's writing so cool? I love Cal. The comics that are out on the Dresden Files, make use of Chris's art - which is cool. And naturally the comics can be bought everywhere, including online over at Forbidden Planet.


Blue Tyson said...

He's the Pettersen Guy too? Definitely very cool. Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis?

That is an awesome cover.

He has done comics? He'd be a natural, at least for covers.

Skarrah said...

Omg, is the offer still going Liz? I LOVE his work! He does the best cover art in the business.

Liz said...

Hiya sweets - I have loads left! Kat sent around 100 or so onto me.

Email me your addy and I'll post some onto you.

Don't you love free swagg?

Liz x