Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Musecrack, anyone?

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I am not particularly fond of magazines, especially genre magazines and have in the past only ever subscribed to a handful of mags:

National Geographic
Empire Magazine
The Bookseller

And more recently to The Writers Forum. But I've got a new addiction.

SFX magazine - they are over at and besides the fact that they are genre encompassing, they are blindingly enthusiastic about sci-fi, fantasy, horror and the other spec fic genres, which is pretty darn cool. They also review movies, dvd's AND books. Yep. How much cooler is that than any other mag out there at the moment? And unlike others, it's not just ONE page of books that they throw at you, oh no, there is at least five or more pages. Pretty excellent, ay?

In an effort to yet again stave off the horror of picking up legal papers to study this morning, I pootled around the SFX website and discovered this!

So naturally I had to go down to the WHSmith and pick myself up a copy to look through. I bought my copy, went to Coffee Republic and sat down with the best Freezer and paged through the mag - it is cover to cover musecrack. I kid you not. Interviews with authors, film makers, fans, articles up the wazoo on Terry Pratchett, Ray Bradbury, her majesty Steph Meyer...the list goes on.

I would heartily recommend this to anyone who is a fan of sci fi, fantasy or who plainly likes to read well written articles about the people who write the books we enjoy reading!

And just for Gareth, there is an opus to the grand master, David Gemmell...G, if you are prepared to send me that review soon, I could conceive buying you your own copy and posting it onto you in the wilds of Manchester...


The Team said...


I come via Dark Hoard, and was browsing around- great reviews. I add a comment though becuase, I want to point you too a great genre mag, in case you have not heard of it yet:

Black Static, from

They have pages of great book reviews, mostkly horror, but the main offering is servings of brilliant dark fiction/horror

Adele said...

I have been toying with the idea of subscibing to SFX I love it!!

Liz said...


I agree with you - it is one of the best mags out there and it comprehensively covers the genres we like, which is pretty cool.

GBSOD - I know of Black Static but it is a very difficult mag to come by locally - I would have to subscribe to it otherwise and sadly, money can only go THAT far.