Friday, June 13, 2008

**Stephenie Meyer News**

Yes, I know, before you shake your head with a big sigh! I am allowed this indulgence and yes I am an utter fan-girl and am squeeling in the inside.
Orbit has slipped in quietly and announced the new cover for Stephenie Meyer's newest offering: The Breaking Dawn.

Isn't it beautiful? Happy sighs. I can't wait for it to come out and let me say: thank heavens it's coming out AFTER the dreaded exam or I would fail my exam miserably because NOTHING would come between me and TBD!
If you go here you can read an excerpt snippet of SM's newest offering and here is an interesting bit about SM teaming up with Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October to do a mini-tour for the release of TBD. Very clever marketing this and will no doubt inspire new fans for both Stephenie and Blue October.


Ailsa said...

Hum. I actually really don't like this cover. I don't think it fits with the theme of the series cover-wise, and I think chess is a very over-used thing for books. This cover was a big let down for me, unfortunately.
On the plus side, though, the preface and first chapter are AWESOME! Shame about the truck, though.

Anonymous said...

I think it works - look carefully at the chess pieces and where they are placed...Bella is the white piece, the queen, I would assume but who is the pawn?! Is it Edward, is it Jake? Someone else...hmmm.

OMG, I can't wait!

Chris, The Book Swede said...

Hope you like it! :) With the enthusiasm for it that I've seen popping up over the web, I'm tempted to start the series. But I just can't...

Not. Enough. Time. To Read. Every Book. Ever Written.

Ailsa said...

Chris, you should make time for this series, if nothing else - it's brilliant.