Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Children's Book Competition News

This is the final proof of the leaflet for the competition. I will have a limited amount of leaflets to send out to libraries and schools, along with a limited amount of bookmarks, to advertise this very cool event.

We received our final box of books from our publishers last night and needless to say, we are chuffed beyond belief by the fantastic response. We are very grateful and beamingly pleased and proud that this initiative has taken off.

Mark and I are preparing the individual books to give away to selected school kids entering the competition. We are also putting together the four rather large and bulky boxes to go out to four lucky schools. (Or more, I'm thinking, as the donations from the publishers exceeded my expectations!)

If any of you, dear readers, are in the UK, and you have kids / have friends or family with kids in school / are libarians / are in school (you get the idea) please get in touch with the school as soon as possible and send them over here! I've had the marketing leaflets and bookmarks done up, to promote the competition and am keen to send them out.

In this instance, to make sure that I'm not wasting my time, I will ONLY be sending the leaflets and bookmarks to librarians and schools.


Entry will be open to schools and libraries only. (The boxes will only be sent to these places, not to individuals/residential addresses.)

School children entering the competition for individual prizes can only do so with the permission of their parents - I expect to see a note of consent from a parent in the email or the parent's own email address so I can verify it. Only if you win, will I contact you for your address details - please do not send any address / contact details in the initial email.

No emails or addresses are kept once the competition is over.

As part of the vetting process, school children will have to also let me know what school they are in. This is to prevent too many books going out to perhaps the same school.

The competition starts 1st February 2009 and the last day will be 28th February 2009. Winners will be announced on 1st March 2009. Our random selection of names will be final and no discussion will be entered into. If you are contacted as a winner and you do not respond within 5 days of receipt of the confirmation email, the prize will be allocated to another winner and so on.


And that's all I can come up with for now. We're keeping it simple and easy - an email is all it takes to get you / your school in the running.

Please contact us via the email on the top right to enter to let us know if you would like any flyers and bookmarks and once the competition starts and make sure to say in the subject line if you are a school or a library.

If you are a school child, you will be required to put down the book you would like to enter for in the subject line. You can enter as many times as you wish for different books.

Good luck to all and I look forward to sending out my pretty leaflets and bookmarks!


Anonymous said...

Aw that's awesome Liz! I'm so glad it's coming together so well! :-) There are going to be plenty of happy kids and impressed schools and even happier publishers! :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantabulous!! Good luck — hope you get a great response.

Ailsa said...

Will tell the librarian tomorrow. He's bound to be enthusiastic - this is the same guy that took the school reading group to see Neil Gaiman in Edinburgh, and got us to write a collective novel in November when I told him about NaNo WriMo.

~Ailsa (I used to be dragon-girl - sorry for confusing name changing!)

Liz said...

Thank you guys - your well wishes and compliments are greatly appreciated. Ailsa, please tell your librarian to contact me if he wants any marketing material. I also have extra goodies from publishers to give away apart from my own leaflet and bookmarks.

KR said...

I wish y'all were in the US. I teach kindergarten. I can always use more good books!
Good luck!

H said...

This is such a cool thing you're doing! I'm impressed by the amount of work you must be putting in. Unfortunately, I'm above school child age =) I hope you got a great response.