Monday, January 05, 2009

**Malekith Competition Winners!**

Thanks to everyone for entering this competition! We had a massive amount of entries. We printed off the names of the entrants as they came in and put them in a hat. Then we had our dog, Sparrow, paw out the three names this morning before we had to leave for work. You have to admit, more random and fair, you cannot get!

The winners are:

Stephen McE from Fairfield in Derbyshire

Gareth H from Laceby in North East Lincolnshire

Marco K from The Netherlands

Congratulations to all three of you! Your names and addresses have been forwarded onto the boys at The Black Library and your book should be on its way to you shortly.

A bit more pimpage: Gav Thorpe will be doing a grande tour to sign Malekith and he'll be at Forbidden Planet in London this coming Saturday (10th January) after which he'll scuttle off to the Plaza on Oxford Street to visit the Games Workshop there to do signings. Liz and I will definitely be there!

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