Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why I Love Blogging Books

First Item of Coolness:

I got friended by a lovely lady called Luisa who runs one of the most comprehensive UK teen book blogs I've ever seen. Click over to Chiclish and check out the reviews and interviews.

She has a bevy of young, helpers, who do reviews and some write-ups for her, which I think is a CLEVER idea!

As this is my target market for my own writings, I'm taking careful note here what sells and what doesn't. So, apart from being enjoyable, I'm casting the "research" eye over what they're doing over at Chicklish, to see what sells the books to the target audience and what doesn't.

Second Item of Coolness:

It looks like I may be invited to visit a local school where Sarah Ash is librarian to talk books to a bunch of school kids. Nothing's been agreed yet, but ohmigosh, can you imagine my squeeling when I got the email from her last night - this is the most flattering thing that's happened to me since well...publishers gave in to my nagging to send me books to review.

I am over the moon. And scared. Very scared. But also VERY flattered. What will I wear??

Third Item of Coolness:

I am a big fan of Bill Hussey, horror writer and horror fan...and in the post today, I found an article about Bill and his writing in the Writers' Forum magazine. It makes for interesting reading. Also, a note: his newest novel The Absence, is due out in April of this year. I have my review copy on standby and will soon be reviewing that.

Fourth and Fifth Items of Coolness:

Mark and I go off to FP this weekend to meet Malekith author Gav Thorpe. Does lumberous dance.

THEN, this just takes the cake.

David Devereaux got himself invited to Forbidden Planet in London for a signing so he thought he'd have a mini-con and then went through and invited a stack of his stable writerly palls to join in the delight.

So on Thursday, 22nd January if you're in London and you've got books by:

Joe Abercrombie
Alex Bell
Mark Chadbourn
David Devereux
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Tom Lloyd
Suzanne McLeod
Steve Savile

Why not bring them along and get them ALL signed. Mark and I will be splitting the load between us because I won't be able to carry ALL the books myself. And my good friend Kaz will be there too. So, if you know us, join us, and we may be able to convince some others to join us for dinner somewhere afterwards...or that's the plan, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for the lovely mention! I've been recommending your site on ours, too.

Just for the record, our reviewers are all happy and willing volunteers. I promise!


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll be bookmarking Chicklish. The "Reader, I snogged him" tickled me too.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I'm not entirely sure that I'd classify all of my writerly pals as 'Stable.'

But I'm not naming any names.

Liz said...
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Liz said...

Splutters! Mr. Devereux! Ha ha - good one. I'm sure poor Suzanne thinks she's very stable! Not so sure about Mr. Abercrombie though...

Mark said...

I think James Swallow's going to be there too?