Friday, January 23, 2009

Newsflash! **Missing Authors Found**

By our investigative reporter, Liz de Jager

This reporter has just received with some astonishing news from two authors who are friends of this blog.

Sam Enthoven and Mark Robson sent a plea for help earlier today – they have been kidnapped and are currently being held captive in a damp cave somewhere in the UK.

Eight authors set out on a mission to write a grand book of all monster adventure, but the monsters got to them first.

Upon waking Sam and Mark discovered that their fellow authors, Baz Hutchison, Ali Sparks, Joe Craig, Andy Briggs, Tommy Donbavand and David Melling are also being held captive by the monsters.

So far no ransom has been demanded from the authors’ families but Mark and Sam did let slip that they were being forced to blog about books, do short stories and write poems and to reveal secret writing tips.

The monsters have agreed to allow them food on occasion, along with loo breaks. After much other negotiation, the monsters have agreed to let them do guest appearances at schools and bookshops – but only to maintain the facade of normality.

Please do not be fooled – make sure to do everything in your power to help these authors out. The monstrous site can be found at:


Adele said...

this is such a great site!! We have the best monster caves in the UK too, proper mossy and damp.

ediFanoB said...

Great idea and the site is pleasing.