Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cover Love - Jana Oliver

I am totally ripping off one Jenny of Wondrous Reads blogpost ideas here, and I apologise but you know, sometimes you just have to share. And frankly, I've decided to keep featuring it for upcoming books here on MFB.  Too many pretty covers out there not being shouted about.

I received a copy of Jana Oliver's Demon Trappers: Forsaken and read it over Christmas and completely loved it.  It filled a gap in my heart where the TV show Supernatural usually resides.  I popped over to Ms. Oliver's blog and discovered that the UK gets Demon Trappers before the US are getting it (for a change, also YAY!) and not only that, but the covers are so completely vastly different and the US title is also different.

I submit to you:

Demon Trappers - Forsaken, UK Cover

The Demon Trapper's Daughter, US Cover

I have to say, I have love for both covers but I do quite like the US cover a tiny bit more. I like it because of what Riley is doing, perching on the top of the building like that, with the perspective of the cityscape below.  It gives us indications that Riley feels detatched and probably lonely in the world she finds herself in.  And the title too, it tells us exactly who she is.

My review goes live next week but even before then let me just say this: buy this book or get someone else to buy it for you, because it's terrific.


iffath said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I *heart* them both so much, and I can see what you mean about how Riley is perching, but I hate those pants she's wearing! Yeah, things like that totally matter to me..

I just posted my review of this on the blog now, and I'll look forward to seeing your thoughts on it Liz!

Nikki-ann said...

I love both covers, but I think the US one slightly edges the UK one. Both covers are certainly the kind that will get me picking up a book.