Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weta Workshop and Harper Collins Strike a Deal

I know, I know - this is really geeky news I'm sharing here, but I just can't help it.

Ever since LoTR I have been a fan of the creators and artists at WETA.  I love the fact that they sit there and create all these amazing monsters and creatures for us to view on screen.  What I like even more is that I can buy stuff from them directly.  It makes me feel like I am somehow supporting independent creative types.  Crazy, I know!


Mark was reading his emails this morning over breakfast when he mentioned that Weta and HC have struck this book deal.  My ears perked up and I had him email me the newsletter.  I followed the links and this is what the article on the main Weta site said:
In what is a landmark move for both companies, HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand and Weta Workshop have entered into an agreement to publish works which will showcase Weta's remarkable creativity and talent.

There are major opportunities for both companies in this agreement. The most significant is the global publication of beautifully produced movie tie-in volumes written and designed by Weta's own creative people, illustrating the amazing skills and talents of the Weta team. Traditionally, the authors of movie tie-in books are several steps removed from the making of the movie, and the books are last minute additions to the movie merchandising plans. However, these books, which will be published under the management of HarperCollins New Zealand's experienced publishing and production teams, will give a real insight to the creative genius that Weta brings to the projects it is involved with.

In addition to print books, HarperCollins and Weta Workshop are exploring the development of ground breaking digital products which will offer the reader the opportunity for a greatly enhanced experience.

‘We are extremely excited about the opportunity to combine the skills and talents of our people all around the world with those of the multi-award-winning team at Weta Workshop,' says Tony Fisk, Managing Director, HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand. ‘We see this as a unique opportunity to present the work of our friends at Weta to a global publishing audience and to work together with them to develop ground breaking new projects.'

‘We have been developing book ideas for many years and now with our relationship and friendship with the team at HarperCollins we can see these books reach an even wider market through their global network', says Richard Taylor, Creative Director and Co-founder of Weta Workshop.

The relationship between HarperCollins and Weta Workshop goes back many years. As the publisher of the works of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, HarperCollins and Weta have developed an appreciation and understanding of each other's capabilities whilst working together on The Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia movies. Recent projects include The Art of District 9 and the award-winning The Crafting of Narnia.
I am over the moon and I really cannot wait to get my grubby paws on some of these Weta/HC produced books.  Mark and I are big fans of what they do and at the end of last year he bought himself one of the London Hellgate figurines and the attention to detail is superb. Even if it is decidedly gory and visceral.

Male Templar from Hellgate London
Please do check out the Weta site and article I've linked to above - it is a great resource and it never fails to give me "grabby hands of want"! And I hasten to add that the blogpost is brought to you out of sheer geekiness and love and we have nothing to do with either Weta or HC NZ.  We are just excited!

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LinWash said...

I loved LoTR and Weta's involvement, so this is good news. There are so many talented people working at Weta. I hope these books come to the States too.