Thursday, March 01, 2012

World Book Day - 1st March 2012

Reading is important and fun.  It's why I established MFB and why I've dragged poor Mark and Sarah along in doing reviews.  We have to tell the world about the adventures we find between pages.

As such, we are very proud to help "promote" World Book Day.  Last year I attended a local school and spoke the whole day to bunches of kids about reading and writing and creating characters.  I was told by several of them in person, and afterwards by teachers, that they all enjoyed my mad antics.  I gave away notebooks and books as prizes to encourage them to both read and write.

Today, Sarah and I are doing a pilgrimage to visit bookshops in London - to support them and buy books and crucially, To Touch All The Books we can't buy.  Because it's important to tell those books that we love them too.

If you pop over here - - it will tell you how to download the app that is packed full of fabulous stories created especially for today by authors like Malorie Blackman, Neil Gaiman, Charlie Higson, Anthony Horowitz, Sophie McKenzie and Rachel Vincent, Julie Cross, Lauren Laverne and others. There literally seems to be something for everyone.

And Waterstones lists the £1 titles they are promoting, along with the QuickReads titles.  It's basically the perfect opportunity to dip your nose into a book by an author whom you may not usually read!

And here's a link to events taking place all over the UK to celebrate WBD.  Mark and I will be at Dulwich Books tonight, listening to Sarwat Chadda and Steve Feasey chat about writing. I hope to report back what was said!


Unknown said...

World Book Day! Yay!

Nikki-ann said...

I hope you had a good time down in London. Charring Cross Road is good for bookshops.

lubna said...

Hope you had a fun, March 1. I am glad you are spreading your love of reading and writing. I came across your blog while web-surfing and thought I'd say Hi!