Saturday, December 03, 2011

Magick 4 Terri

This amazing auction came to my attention earlier this week after I saw Neil Gaiman tweet about it.  One of my favourite writers, editors and artists, Terri Windling is going through a genuinely tough patch at the moment, both health-wise and privately due to some on-going personal troubles.  Friends and colleagues of Terri have all banded together to try and help Terri and her family out.

Root Tribe, artwork by Terri Windling

I wish I had money to put up for some of the auctions on the Magick4Terri website.  Sadly, I do not.  What I do have is some great blog followers and twitter readers who may be able to do so.  What I can do is tell you guys about the auction, but also tell you to go out and buy the books edited and written by Terri as every bit of earnings will help her and her family. 

This is Terri's blog.  If you are an old MFB reader you will know how mad we are about magical writing and wonderful bits of art.  Terri does both, and she is an inspiration to us on a great many levels.  She does a series called "On your Desk" and it is one of my favourite features on her blog, featuring artists, creatives, writers writing in from all over the world, showcasing what is on their desk and their creative areas.  Incredibly inspirational.

Also, if you are interested in buying one of Terri's books, I highly recommend The Wood Wife.  Simply one of my all time favourite books and a comfort read I go back to time and again.

Find the Magic4Terri website here and have a look at what you can bid on:

A signed watercolour by Brian Froud!
Neil Gaiman / Charles Vess signed editions of Instructions!
A signed chapbook by Charles de Lint!
A signed copy of Emma Bull's seminal urban fantasy novel: War for the Oaks!!
And a vast amount of more stuff that geeky readers and writers would love.

There is artwork, jewellery, critque services, books, bags...too many pretty things for my shiny eyes to absorb all at once. The way the community has come together to support Terri is so heartwarming and I hope they make enough to help her and her family through this difficult time.  I'm off to go and see what item I can bid on and realistically afford! Where did I put that credit card again....

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