Thursday, September 08, 2011

Between by Jessica Warman

A little while ago I received this mysterious blue proof in the post and all it said was Between. Since then I've been chatting on and off to Jenny at Egmont about this book and I'm slowly but surely starting to get very excited about it.

The synopsis:

Only the good die young. Right?

Elizabeth Valchar has it all: friends, money, beauty, a cute boyfriend and assured popularity. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she is found drowned next to her parents' boat. Everyone thinks it was a tragic accident - teens drinking on a boat, a misstep leading to a watery death. But Liz is still here after death, and she doesn't know why. There are gaps in her memory. Her only company Alex, a boy killed by a car a year earlier, Liz sets out to piece together her life. But their small coastal town is hiding many secrets - about families, boyfriends and friendship. Plus, Alex hates Liz for being mean when they were alive. Was she as squeaky clean as she thinks she was? Could it be that she herself is hiding the biggest secret of all? Can Liz discover the truth? And if she does, who can she tell? An engrossing, compelling thriller that peels back the layers of small-town life to expose true, ugly, cruel human nature.

Find the trailer here. For some reason, I can't embedd it into the blogpost which is annoying.

However, it is a very creepy trailer and I'm very much looking forward to reading Between by Jessica Warman (cool surname or what?) and hosting her on her blog tour later.

Also, pretty cover points!!

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