Friday, May 22, 2009

Patrick Rothfuss Loves Ana

I discovered today, via friendly email banter, that our good friend and fellow reviewer, Ana from The Booksmugglers is a huge fan of author Patick Rothfuss. As Mark and I were to meet him at FP whilst he was doing his European/UK tour, I promised Ana some pimpage. We chatted to Patrick at the signing and afterwards at his reading and told him of Ana's true love for him and his work. And we were very chuffed to discover that it turns out Patrick loves Ana as much as she loves him!

He was even doing kissing face without prompting. Go figure! Someone must have bribed him with an awesome review or something.
But is late / early and I will blog more about this amazing evening when I can actually think straight.


KT Grant said...

Everyone loves Ana! :D

Thea said...

Oh. My. God.

This is freaking AWESOME!!!!! Thank you, Liz for the awesome pimpage! Ana is gonna flip when she sees this!!!!!

Ana said...


I am quite utterly, completely speechless.

I think this is one of the coolest moments of my life.

Yes. I am sure of it.

Thank you!!!!!Thank you!

Adele said...

that's cute. Sounds like a fun time.

Karen Mahoney said...

You went to the reading! :)

Very cool. And I am cracking up at that photo!! LOL!