Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rick Riordan

So, a few moments ago, I was handed this giant envelope by my receptionist here at work.  My heart did this stuttering little thing it always does when I get handed an envelope or box that is decidedly book-shaped.

I opened up the envelope and within was this BIG book.  And I thought: what can it be, my precious?  (Yes, I do in fact speak like this, ask anyone!)

And lo!  It was the newest Rick Riordan: HEROES OF OLYMPUS: The Lost Hero.
I am excited.  I don't do a lot of random shout-outs for books that come into the reach of my grubby paws, but this one, I'm happy to chortle about.

Firstly, I really do like the Percy Jackson books.  Very accessible stories, steeped in mythology, that lured many reluctant readers into Percy's world and hopefully made reades from them.  Secondly, Rick Riordan's writing may not be Booker material but by heavens, he's a bloody good storyspinner and his stories are very entertaining.

Yes, admittedly, I didn't enjoy Red Pyramid that much but to be honest, I think I expected it to be similar to Percy and it's not.  In my opinion it was aimed at a much younger age group and didn't feel the love for the mythology as much as I fell for the Greek mythology.  Which is odd, because I am big on Egyptian mythology, more so than Greek.  Whichever way it falls - in this one instance, I was disappointed.  But rumour tells me that Heroes of Olympus is going to earn back my love.

Stay tuned for a review.

Oh, and these are some piccies I took, to show the actual size and coolness of the book. Also - the spine reflects / shows the mechanical dragon from the front of the book.  I think I'm just a little in love.  Can you tell?

The pretty! 

The thickness!

 Close up of that dragon!

The spine!

Also, on Saturday, 6th November, he (Rick The Myth Maker Riordan) will be at Bluewater.  And so will I.  I am going to stand in the queue (and probably be the oldest person there!) to get my unsigned books signed. And then I will go home and melt and write about my geekyness and show you pictures of the signing, right here on MFB.  Stick around. 


prophecygirl said...

I'm quite in love with this book too!

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

The book does indeed look very shiny and pretty :) I think this whole post is adorable!

BookZone said...

I started reading it last night. On the basis of the first hundred pages Mr Riordan is right back on form.

Unknown said...

I have this at the top of my Spoiled Brat List (aka the I Want It Now, Now, Now! list) So shiny!

Rhys said...

He's coming to BlueWater? Hopefully I can be there, get my copy signed! *crosses fingers*