Monday, August 29, 2011

MFB hosts Viking Week 2011

Mark and I love Vikings.  We love the mythology of these mighty men of steel and action.  We love the thought of the adventures they've had.  The stories and mythologies that have come down to us in the ages past and the retellings of these by authors in our own day.

We admire our modern day authors and movie makers who plunder their imaginations and awaken the campfire gene of storytelling in all of us.

This week is dedicated to the storytellers in our modern time, who tell us the stories of the Vikings.  Of their battles, their conquests and their loves.  But mostly their battles and adventures.

We have a host of authors and stories to share with you.  Come along with us, on the Whale Road to listen to skalds spin their tales of Miklagard, of norns weaving fate, of distant shores and heroism that echoes through the ages.

And just a small note of thanks to our friend Kenda who has once again created our banners for us.  Find her fun blog here and she can be found on twitter as @kmont.

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