Monday, March 01, 2010

Author of the Month - Justin Somper

We are very thrilled to have Justin Somper as our March Author of the Month.

Personally - I, the Liz - am chuffed to get the chance to read the Vampirates sequence of books published by Simon & Schuster. I recall seeing the first Vampirates book back on 2005 and was intrigued, but that was before the review blog and I had a pretty rubbish job that didn't lend to much free time and reading (I can hear the violins too) so I had to walk away.

Some true facts that I found out about Justin Somper:
  • He was a pirate in his previous life*
  • Justin won the Birmingham KS3 "Explorers" Book Award
  • He won the Solihull Children's Book Award
  • He was a runner up in the North East Children's Book Award
  • He was shortlisted for the Red House Children's Book Award
  • Darren Shan wants to be Justin Somper *
  • Justin Somper was turned down for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean *
  • Instead he was offered the role of Elizabeth Swann but declined the role*
We'll be reviewing a book a week with a handful of questions to Justin at the end of each review. At the end of the month, we'll be able to run a competition to become Justin for a day. Okay, that statement is not true. But there will be a competition, and it will be a cool one. Stick around.

Please note that this * (it's an asterisk) indicates me lying.


Michelle Harrison said...

Great post. I so want those asterisks to be true, though!

Tina said...

Cool, Justin is awesome! I look forward to the reviews!