Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Postbag Treats

I try not to do these posts - firstly, it almost feels like I'm bragging about books I receive and secondly, well, I don't want anyone to pass out from sheer jealousy.

But, having said that, this evening's delivery of books made me romp around our tiny lounge like a mad thing. Sparrow, our dog, actually barked at me.

First was a terrifically large airmail envelope from New York. I had palpitations. I tore it open and revealed a proof copy of the US edition of Peter V Brett's The Painted Man (UK title) - the US title is: The Warded Man.

I emailed Peat to let him know I had received a US copy from his publishers, because frankly, I may have to read it again just to make sure the two versions do not differ...

The second novel is an incredibly interesting new thriller adventure for the 12+ market - Shark Island by David Miller, published by Oxford University Press. It sounds to be Willard Price and H Rider Haggard all rolled into one with a bit of buckling your swashes too.

And thirdly - giggles insanely - the movie tie in of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. I cannot wait to see the movie!

And final postbag treat: yes, you read the title correctly: Wiffle Lever to Full by Bob Fisher. It sounds and looks 150% fun and I can't wait to read it. All about Bob travelling around the UK on the con circuit for a number of years - there are even photos to prove and show his attendance to various cons. It is a completely different world. It looks insane and hilarious. Watch this space for a review soon.

And that's it for now!

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Jeff C said...

Yesterday I also got a copy of The Warded Man and am looking forward to reading it. I take it you liked it quite a bit?